Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground

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Gattaca (1997)
Andrew Niccol


my roommate is going to a frat party and she didnt know what to bring and i said “mace? a knife? baseball bat? your ID, but keep it in your pocket though so they can identify your body”

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in november i get to see bob woodward (one half of the woodward/bernstein collective that exposed the watergate scandal) speak at the nspa conference in washington dc! 

this guy exposed one of the biggest political scandals in us history and took down a president

i’m so excited!!

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Fog in the Financial District 
By Tyler Hayward


another audacity mashup! hope you guys like it. Had to cut apart the instrumental a lot to extend it, hopefully it turned out okay!


Cool illustrations from Essi Kimpimäki

me and my clique arriving at school

me and my clique arriving at school


lmao trying to watch the vmas with my parents they can’t handle all the #booty

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